Wedding Flowers

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how overwhelming it can feel to try sort through all the details for your wedding. Remember, we’re here to help.

Sola Wood Flowers

With a little care, sola wood flowers can last a lifetime.

That is one of the amazing things about sola wood flowers, we are not bound by growing seasons, lack of availability due to bad weather, or any other growing constraints.

Yes. You can apply few drops of oil-based scents between the petals, or in the back of the flower. The scent will typically last for several months (depending how concentrated the scent is). Initially the scent will be strong in the first few weeks, and then it will slowly get lighter with time.

Sola flowers have an almost foamy texture to them and are very pliable, even after being dyed, and they weigh next to nothing. The weight of a sola flower bouquet, is about 25% of a fresh flower bouquet.

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers, are handmade flowers that are made from the root of either a balsam or tapioca root. These flowers are eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and 100% biodegradable sustainable material. There natural color is ivory, but can be dyed any color.  Please click here to learn even more about sola wood flowers.

What colors are available?

Any color you can imagine! During the planning process, I will send you to the paint store and match the colors you want to be included in your wedding to the paint chips. After that you can email me the brand and colors, and those will be the colors that we use throughout.

What flowers are available?

With over 150 different flowers available, we are sure to find a flower to fit your needs. Many of the flowers can be used for multiple uses depending on the way we paint them. A sunflowers can be used as a black eyed susan, wildflower, or gerbra.  Please take a stroll in the Flower Garden to see our most popular blooms.


We offer two very different options regarding our wedding services. First we offer a full service wedding and event option. With this you get to pick everything, flowers, colors, large arch or installment pieces, number of bouquets, we mean everything. Our second option, is our Wedding Packages, a sort of a la cart option if you wish. For this you would go to our Wedding Package page, chose the type and number of bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc that you would like, pick from the available color schemes provided, provide your wedding date and information, and lastly checkout and pay for your flowers. Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding date, you flowers will arrive. It’s that easy.

Yes and no. For our full wedding services yes, we offer a free 45 minute consultation to discuss the vision you would like to have for your wedding and to discuss how the whole process will go. Our Wedding Packages, we do not.

Wedding Packages – no later than 45 days. If your date is sooner than that, please contact us to see if your date is able and is an additional fee would apply.

Full Wedding Services – ideally, the sooner the better to ensure your date is available, but 8-12 months is the standard.

Are you able to do large installments, such as arches, alter pieces, or hanging chandelier pieces with sola wood flowers?

Absolutely! In most cases it is usually easier. With pictures and sizing information, we are able to put most if not all of the piece together off site and bring to the venue on the day of your wedding already set to go.

Can I change the colors for the Wedding Packages, if the ones available don’t match my colors?

Unfortunately, no. I would recommend our full service wedding options where you may chose whatever colors you would like, along with any other changes.