About Us

We are Allison and Michael Cretaro, and we are the owners of 1824 Farmhouse Creations.

I have always loved flowers and had a passion for creating beautiful things, and now I get to combine the two. In the past 3 years, 1824 Farmhouse Creations, has gone from making floral arrangements for family and friends to a full service wedding and event floral design company. We specialize in sola wood flowers, and use those for all of our floral creations. As much as I love fresh flowers, they’re limiting in both their color and availability, and anyone who knows me, knows I do not like to be limited. To find out more about the Sola Wood Flowers we use click here.

We are especially aware of the challenges that planning a wedding in a pandemic can bring. Michael and I were recently in the same boat. After planning a wedding, and having to replan, and oh plan again, Michael and I decided “to just do it” and on January 9, 2021, we did. It was definitely not what we had originally planned, but we had our family and friends, and we made it “us”, and that was what made it perfect, not the venue, not the DJ. The two of us.