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Wedding Flowers Syracuse NY

Fun & Relaxed

We believe flowers can play an integral part of your wedding day, providing the best opportunity to add personal touches to your day.

We use Sola Wood Flowers in our designs, so that your bouquet and arrangements can last a lifetime.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It deserves special attention.

Let’s create a floral story that reflects the season, the venue, and most importantly, a piece of you.

Sola Wood Flowers

Unique Ingredient

Sola wood flowers, which are made from balsa or tapioca wood. They are lightweight, soft, foamy feeling, and sometimes contain visible wood grain, bark, or knots. These bring character to each flower, no two are alike, just like fresh flowers.

Sola flowers flowers are available in over 100 flowers and multiple different sizes, and can be dyed to match any color! No more worrying if your flowers are in season or in your chosen color.

  • eco-friendly
  • hypo-allergenic
  • year round availability

Let’s create a floral story that reflects the season, the venue, and most importantly, a piece of you.

Our Design Philosophy

Less is More

We’re advocates for focusing on few, bigger impact pieces.  Let’s make the most of your budget, stick to that budget and create real ‘wow factor’ for the day.

Relaxed & Easy

We know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be and we’re here to help guide the way.  Our style is loose and laid back.  Our bouquets feature a  mix of textures and tones and we’re big fans of color.

Sola Wood Flexibility

There are so many beautiful flowers for every occasion.  The flexibility of Sola Wood flowers is that there are hundreds of bloom choices and your color palette is only limited by your imagination.



A get-to-know you questionnaire, asking key questions about your priorities for the big day.


Design Recommendation

We’ll provide you a design recommendation outlining options that best suit your budget, priorities and venue.


Planning Session

Six weeks prior to the day we’ll meet (in person or via Zoom) to run through all the details, review any changes to logistics and finalise your design plan.


Your Wedding Day

Don’t stress and enjoy the day! Our team has all the details covered and will be on site managing the set-up.

Wedding Packages

Syracuse NY Wedding Flowers

Looking for a simple wedding flower solution? Not fussed on specific flowers? Looking to save a little money?

  • Order your wedding flowers online.
  • Select from our signature colour palettes.
  • We’ll hand craft your designs and deliver them on the big day.

Creation Gallery

Flower Garden

Feel free to take a stroll through a number of the flowers that we have available.  This is not the complete list.  We have access to over 150 flowers and we usually can match exactly what you’re looking for.