Sola Wood Flowers

Our beautiful floral creations are made with sola wood flowers, which are made from balsa or tapioca wood. Sola flowers are lightweight, soft, foamy feeling, and sometimes contain visible wood grain, bark, or knots. These bring character to each flower, no two are alike, just like fresh flowers.


Sola flowers can be dyed to match any color! No having to worry about if your flowers will be available in your colors or if the flowers will be available when you need them. All flowers come in either a natural or skin tone and are dyed to your specific colors, no guess work involved.


Sola wood flowers are available in over 100 flowers and multiple different sizes perfect for bouquets, hairpieces, centerpieces, and swags and garland for arches and table designs.


Sola flowers are eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic, making our floral designs safe and a great alternative to fresh flowers for those with allergies.


Let us help you create your perfect wedding that will last a lifetime!